The Plan

The cost of a professional high quality website can be surprising / significant. But even more surprising is the damage a poorly built and managed website can do to your business. At IMCG Creative, we believe everyone should be able to have a beautiful and intelligent website at a manageable cost.

enter; The Plan

The Plan takes the scope of your web build’s total cost and calculates a small monthly fee while also giving you some of the important tools you need to drive your business’s growth, at no additional cost. The Plan provides you with the ongoing support you need to create and maintain the single most powerful marketing tool there is; a meaningful online presence. Let’s get started.

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Included in The Plan

Custom Website

Our websites are custom built to your styling, your wants and your needs. We don't give you a few templates to choose from and then try and make your content and images fit. IMCG Creative sits down with you to develop your vision and create a website that your users will enjoy.

VPS Hosting

Most people don't give much thought about their hosting but hosting plays a big role in how users interact with your website and how search engines rank you. Using The Plan's VPS hosting provides you more power and speed than other shared hosting plans. Best part, it's included for free.


If your website isn't safe and secure, your entire business could be compromised. In an effort to raise this awareness, websites secured with SSL are getting preferential treatment. That' s why we provide everyone on The Plan a blanket of SSL security.

SEO Ready

Your build begins with SEO in mind. We use best practices creating a structure that will allow you to supercharge your online presence with additional SEO efforts. Don't get caught needing to rebuild your entire site once you decide you need SEO services.


Life happens and websites have issues. We don't anticipate your website ever having a major problem but we do plan ahead just in case. We run full daily backups for all of our hosted and managed websites. Rest easy knowing we have things covered.


One of the most overlooked, yet critical aspects of a highly effective website is on-going maintenance. Knowing what to update, what to wait on and what to do if something goes wrong will improve performance and keep your clients coming back. We provide one hour a month of software maintenance to keep things in top shape.

Website Refresh!

Hold on to your keyboard...The Plan provides up to 4 hours of Refresh time for your website. Think of it as a makeover. This keeps your website looking great and moving forward to match your growing business or organization. Midway through your term we'll provide up to 4 hours of our designer's time to make updates to your website including; content, images*, and add or remove functionality within the existing structure of your build. (*images must be provided or purchased with usage rights)

What does all this mean for you?

A Professional Custom Website, Reliability, Speed, Reach, Security, Quality... all at a manageable monthly rate.


w/o The Plan


Per Month
  • VPS Hosting $80
  • SSL $5
  • 1hr. Software Updates $120
  • Daily Backups $5
  • Refresh $34

w/ The Plan


Per Month
  • VPS Hosting
  • SSL
  • 1hr. Software Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Refresh
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Need more?

More SEO

Trying to claw your way towards the top of search results? We offer packages for enhanced SEO to help you achieve your goals. Each level digs a little deeper into your data and the competition's. We then develop a strategy to get you found. Remember, SEO is marathon, not a sprint. Lace up those shoes and let's get started.

More Advertising

Online advertising and targeted marketing are great tools for getting your name across the internet and into social media but they can also be expensive and ineffective if not managed properly. IMCG Creative will develop and put in place a targeting strategy based on your goals and budget to get you the most bang for your buck.

Our custom builds are just that; custom.  You won't have to choose from a list of pre-made design templates and meaningless stock photos.  We build what you want... and then make it better.